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Attorney Tyler Portner will meet you where you are to help you understand your legal options.

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The mission of Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator is to help resolve your legal issues and reach your goals to suit your situation. Attorney Tyler Portner can communicate complex legal ideas in a way that makes sense. By approaching each client with compassion and curiosity, he takes the approach that will best reduce costs and put you in a position to move forward.

Striving To Assist You

Too often, litigation is time-consuming and costly. Tyler Portner takes the time to help you understand your options. By looking at the stakeholders within an issue and examining interests of either side, he offers a range of dispute prevention and dispute resolution services including negotiation. If negotiation doesn’t work, he can help you pursue your rights through the courts.

Tyler provides various legal services with patience and attention to detail. This includes contract review and preparation to reduce disputes and protect your interests. He can draft a will or trust, help to expunge or seal a criminal record, help you understand a contract you’re signing, and more. He understands how to resolve conflicts quickly through mediation. He can help you navigate the bureaucracy and legal language that exists between you and your goals. He assists individuals and businesses and has represented a broad range of clients since beginning his practice. If you have a legal problem or goal, he may be able to help.

Attorney Tyler Portner

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“I have hired Tyler Portner to address an issue related to academic injustice with a major university and found him to be a pleasure to work with: he was prompt and responsive to my needs and able to successfully and diplomatically resolve the issue within a short period of time.  I recommend him highly.”


“Mr. Portner has proven in stunning fashion that he works for the people. In less than 72 hours he was able to secure me a most satisfactory outcome with no waffling. He is professional and gets right to the heart of the matter. Mr. Portner I salute you!”


“I cannot speak highly enough of Tyler’s services as a lawyer. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field, but he also possesses exceptional communication and responsiveness skills. Working with Tyler has been an absolute joy – he always goes above and beyond to ensure that I feel informed and comfortable throughout the entire legal process…”