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Resolving Conflict Through Confidential Mediation

There is a better option in many cases than just filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits are expensive and can take years to resolve and litigation is not always viable. Mediation may sometimes be your best alternative – especially if you are involved in a dispute with your boss, employee, landlord, tenant, business partner, family, or friend. By using mediation, parties are empowered to settle their disputes in a timely and cost-effective process.

Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator, encourages clients to use mediation to resolve their business and commercial cases because we believe this process’ benefits are worth it. It can help maintain and restore relationships. Attorney Tyler Portner received training as a mediator from the New York Bar Association and Cleveland Mediation Services. He can resolve disputes throughout the United States and is available for both in-person and remote mediation.

Mediation Is A Quicker, Cheaper And More Efficient Way Of Settling Your Dispute

Many courts require individuals to attempt settlement of their case through mediation before bringing it to trial. It is widely recognized that mediation can save parties a great deal of time and money. Mediation can efficiently resolve legal issues through a voluntary agreement. Mediation brings you and the other side together in a neutral space where a mediator facilitates a mutually beneficial arrangement.

You can try using mediation in all manner of disputes that you may encounter, including:

  • Commercial contracts and other contractual disputes
  • Employment and labor claims
  • Personal injury and family law matters
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Corporate, agency and entity concerns
  • Municipal, zoning, ordinance and neighborhood disagreements
  • Property and environmental disputes

Tyler can help you with these and many other cases by bringing both sides to the negotiating table and trying to hammer out an enforceable agreement that will work for both of you. He has acted as both representative for parties on either side of the dispute as well as the neutral mediator for parties. When you are ready to try and resolve your case, you can rely on him.

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