Patient. Personable. Understanding.

Meeting All Of Our Client’s Legal Needs

Our mission at Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator is to provide accessible and effective legal representation. While Attorney Tyler Portner focuses on helping you understand and draft contracts and provide mediation services, he is also fully equipped to provide you with many other legal services. He provides such services across Ohio, Washington, D.C., and New York.

You Can Seek Us Out For Help

We understand that getting the right legal representation can be difficult, and you may be struggling to afford the help that you need in order to resolve your issue. That is why we offer alternatives to traditional legal representation that are affordable for you. You can hire us to help with a broad array of legal services, including:

  • Drafting emails and legal communications
  • Preparing estate documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced directives
  • File for restraining orders and civil protection orders
  • Preparing legal pleadings for your case
  • Providing escrow services for your business transaction
  • Filing for name changes
  • Helping your business stay compliant
  • Copyright and trademark registration

Tyler also provides limited criminal defense services, exclusively representing clients seeking to have their records expunged or to request record servicing. He can help you obtain a certificate of qualified employment so that you can work after serving your sentence.

Tyler regularly represents parties on both sides of litigation matters.

Representing Your Business Interests

In addition to these services, we offer resources to businesses including legal consulting, external and internal ombuds services, formation and compliance, and representation in commercial disputes. Litigation is costly for any company. Tyler understands how to address these challenges. While he encourages mediation where appropriate, he is fully prepared to take your case to trial and defend your interests. He handles litigation, including business disputes, real estate matters, and breach of warranty claims.

Learn How We Can Help You

If you require help, you can come to Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator. Tyler can help you figure out the pathway forward by helping you directly with your case or pointing you in the right direction. You can call our office at 888-983-7175 or send us a message online with a short description of your case.