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Helping You Navigate Complex Contract Issues

For many people, legal contracts can be confusing to read and difficult to understand. You never want to sign a legal document you do not comprehend. Signing such a document could lead to many unintended consequences – including litigation. Instead of putting yourself in this situation, you can help protect yourself by speaking with an attorney to help you understand the terms of your agreement, including your duties and responsibilities.

At Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator, attorney Tyler Portner has been helping clients with their contract problems throughout Ohio, New York and Washington, D.C. He helps individuals and businesses write new contracts, negotiate with other parties and review existing contracts.

Services Concerning A Broad Range Of Contracts

Over his years of practice, Tyler has dealt with all manner of contracts, including personal agreements, commercial contracts, distribution contracts, partnership agreements, leases and rental agreements.

When reviewing a contract, he is available to go line by line with you so that you can understand exactly what your agreement says and explain the pros and cons of the various terms. This can help you make a fully informed decision before you sign anything. Communication in clear language is vital to our services. If you need a contract or a lease reviewed or drafted, make an appointment with him today.

We are proud to provide legal representation and mediation services accessible to everyone. When Tyler drafts a contract for you, he offers a flat fee arrangement that helps you understand the services provided.

Learn More About Our Services

Whether you are a business person who is seeking to further your company’s growth by revising contracts or you are an individual looking to sign an agreement with your employer or your landlord, you can come to Tyler Portner, Attorney & Mediator, to find the legal advice that you need. You can call our office at 888-983-7175 or send us a message online with a brief description of your situation so that we can schedule a meeting with you.